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Static Caravan/Lodge Holidays in the UK growing in popularity

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Published: 6th August 2013

Booking a static caravan/lodge holiday in a British seaside resort or in one of the country’s idyllic rural areas will mean you are very much on trend for 2013.

Staycations became fashionable at the start of the economic downturn as families looked for budget getaways, but Brits have learned to love holidaying at home and it is now a more popular choice than ever.

A new study has found that 41 million Britons will take at least one holiday at home during 2013, which will give a £12 billion boost to the economy.

The report, commissioned by Travelodge, revealed that 33% of adults now prefer to holiday in Britain because it is better value than going abroad, while 32% of respondents said they planned to take an intergenerational family holiday in the UK with both children and grandparents.

Researchers discovered that rural locations were particularly popular with holidaymakers, with 17.3 million people set to visit beautiful destinations such as the Lake District, Dorset, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and Cotswolds this year.

A static caravan/lodge by the seaside is another choice favoured by Britons, with around 10 million people planning to stay in Cornwall, Devon, Blackpool, the Isle of Wight or Bournemouth this year.

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