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Verified Advertiser - Keep Safe Online

Beware Of Fake Holiday Adverts

You may have read online or in the news about the growing number of fraudsters passing themselves off as static caravan/lodge owners.

They will take your holiday money for a fake static caravan/lodge advert leaving you with nowhere to stay on arrival for your holiday. Most apply their trade anywhere they can including on free to advertise websites along with all the social media sites.

How you can stay safe? Statics4u.com is helping the genuine static caravan/lodge owners and management companies keep their good name & reputations, and to help give UK holidaymakers/byers the trust and confidence they deserve when booking holidays direct with the static caravan/lodge owners or management company's.

Look for the Verified Advertiser logo on the the advert page when browsing Statics4u.com adverts.

This means 1 of 3 steps have been taken

  1. That a representative of Statics4u.com has personally, spoke or met the owner or representative, and has physically viewed the static caravan/lodge on site.
  2. The Owner's or management company's postal address is confirmed & verified by Pay Pal.
  3. That proof of static caravan/lodge ownership/lease has been verified by a representative from Statics4u.com either by contacting the park, or by viewing a copy of the bill of sale/lease for the static caravan/lodge.

Please note: Adverts that are not displaying the Verified Advertiser logo, does not automatically mean there's something a miss. Just take more time and do the best research possible before sending any money for a deposit.

Other ways to protect your holiday money before sending a deposit.

  • Always get confirmation in writing from the owner or management company.
  • Always take a landline telephone number, their full name and address
  • Never depend on a mobile phone number or email address as the only form of contact with any advertiser.
  • Always ask as many questions as possible about the static caravan/lodge and holiday park, this helps you get a feel for the persons honesty and knowledge at the other end of the telephone.
  • Phone the holiday park itself to confirm the owner or representative including the static caravan/lode exsits on site before paying for any bookings.
  • If an advert looks too good to be true or it's under priced - Maybe take this as a warning sign, that you will need to do more research in to the advert.
  • Always request specific and fresh up-to date photos of the static caravan/lodge along with it's location on site.


The Verified Advertiser logo is intended as a help guide only. You should always do your own in depth checks. Statics4u.com is not liable in any way. Please see our full terms here.